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Monday, April 12, 2010

Grand View University's Annual Fine Arts Competition

Every year Grand View University has a Fine Arts Competition held on campus. The faculty brings in a guest judge to choose the best work that Grand View students have created this year. The judging process is done in front of an audience, anyone who wants to attend can watch the judge critique and choose what will be put up in the Gallery for the remainder of the semester. All art students are encouraged to enter pieces of their choice. This years judge was Daniel Wiess, a very respected artist and teacher in the Des Moines area. He chose over 40 pieces to be included in the 2010 Fine Arts Show and I am proud to say 5 of those were mine and two of mine won Merit Awards. I included photos of a few pieces that are my personal favorites done by other students and photos of the pieces he choose of mine.

Untitled: Mimi Johannesen
Merit Award Winner

Paint Day: Mimi Johannesen
Merit Award Winner

Jackson: Mimi Johannesen

Beaverdale: Mimi Johannesen

Doll Head: Mimi Johannesen

A few of my favorites that are also in the show:

Shifting Gears: Becca Baum
Best in Show Award

Untitled: Brenda Frisbie

Nuts and Bolts: Jenn Saak
Honorable Mention Award

Untitled: Derek Barnett

Untitled: Jolynn Anderson


  1. I love all of these pieces! You are so talented!

  2. wow! the neighborhood piece is amazing! it's different from what i usually see from you... i like it! you have such a range! i also love the favorites you picked out. nuts & bolts and shifting gears. <3

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  4. i just stumbled upon this. i'm very flattered you liked my piece, especially since you are INCREDIBLY talented. :) luv your work. always excited to see the excellent art you're cranking out.

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