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Monday, April 5, 2010

Collage Passport Holders and Travel Wallets

Last year my whole family decided to travel for the holidays and I thought to make a handmade Christmas gift that they could use for our vacation. I created individual passport holders for everyone that was personalized and unique. All of us received compliments from friends, other travelers, and airport workers. Using one myself I can say that these are very convenient, sturdy and stylish. I have started adding these to my etsy collection and will continue to find images to use for these fabulous passport holders.

My mother-in-law, Judy, ordered one of these for her co-worker who was retiring. One of her goals after retirement was to start traveling.  So Judy had me create a personalized passport holder with specific images and messages throughout. In the holder, Judy included a gift certificate for a passport photo and a passport application. Such a cute idea!


  1. I LOVE THESE! MIMI you're sooo talented! I totally want one! :)