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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Beginning my etsy journey!

Last year I created a goal for myself: to have an etsy shop up and running by spring of 2010! I did it! I now have an etsy shop!
I have been enjoying spending my free time creating. I plan on taking this summer to really focus on my business. I've taken advice from other successful etsyians and started this blog, a facebook fan page and I will soon join the crazy world of twitter. 
I have already had sales and a lot of support from other etsy sellers, bloggers, and I have even shipped off an order of collage signs to a doggie boutique
This world I've stepped into is the sort of thing that drives me! 
Here are some of my favorite items I have listed. 

Vintage buttons turned into post earrings! 

Vintage found objects on reclaimed wood made into unique collages!

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