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Monday, February 7, 2011

Working off and out those winter blue...

Holiday season comes and with that comes the holiday pounds. They say woman gain an average of 8 lbs from Thanksgiving to New Years... then come New Years where we always make a goal of some kind to lose weight or become healthier. I did just that, I said this year I would take better care of myself... its still early enough in the year that I can start anytime right?

Two weeks ago I did run a mile. A whole mile. Without stopping. I was amazed that my body, in the middle of winter could do it. Haven't done it since but its a start. I want to lose 20 pounds and I wont bring it up too often, but I will let you guys hold me accountable.

So its Monday, the beginning of the week. A great time to start right? From this moment on I will start taking better care of myself which will include eating healthier and exercising.

Join me!

If you want to boogie, get down on the dance floor.... lets goooo! ~ Mimi

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