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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Artist Feature - Bean and the Sprout

Who is behind that amazing ETSY? Here is where you find out!
Meet Christine from Bean and the Sprout!

Get to know Christine:
I am a Midwestern girl with the heart of a Southern belle. I love cardigans and anything with sequins. I could thrift every day of my life. I love to paint.

What is Bean and the Sprout:
Bean & the sprout is a line of accessories and jewelry for everyday and every occasion created from vintage fabrics and found jewelry. I take old prom and wedding dresses, along with vintage jewelry and bits, and put a modern twist on them. I create pieces that could you could wear with a tee shirt or with a party dress and make a statement either way.

The inspired artist in her:
I studied fine art in Savannah Georgia, and fell in love with the South while I lived there. I have always had a special place in my heart for ultra-feminine, sweet, Southern Ladies, and bean & the sprout was created with them in mind. The history behind each piece that I find is something that inspires me. An old prom dress in a fabulous color or an elegant but out of date necklace speaks volumes to me. I love the idea of taking something old and creating something new. The story and the statement are the things I like best.

Loving Etsy:
The opportunity to connect with people all over the world is an amazing thing. I have created pieces for people in places I only hope I will be able to visit some day. There are so many talented artists I have connected with via Etsy, and that is such an inspiring thing.

Favorite Things:
Color, sequins, my sketchbook, vinyl records, my fabulous husband

Dreams: Right now I am in the midst of creating my first piece of clothing: a skirt created entirely from my rosettes. It has been a challenging and wonderfully rewarding experience. I hope to continue to push myself in new directions, to connect with new and different people, and to share bean & the sprout with as many people as I can. I want to continue to create beautiful and unique pieces that people love.

You need to check out
Bean and the Sprout, I could get lost there for hours! So inspiring! and take a peek at her blog too

Thanks Christine! -Mimi

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