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Thursday, February 24, 2011

An exhausting weekend....

I didn't realize how "old" I was getting until I stayed up late one night and it knocked me on my feet for days!

I went up to Minneapolis on Friday with a girlfriend to go to another girlfriends baby shower!!! Yay babies!!! It was so special to hang out with some of the greatest people I know and to celebrate a new life, a new addition to the family and have a reminder of how blessed I am to have such amazing girlfriends. Between a new baby, a recent graduate, a new engagement, a new boyfriend, and a new adventure I was reminded of the joys of life.

In the mean time a storm was brewing and blizzard weather was suppose to hit our path home to Des Moines Saturday night. So sadly, my friend and I jumped back into the car around 10:00pm and made the trip home. I am not a night owl so this made me nervous. I purchased three double shots and powered through. I had a conversational wizard in the car next to me who at one point began asking me one weird question after another. I asked her if she was googling these from her phone... but no, it was her brain.

After dropping her off, driving 30mph on the way home because of downpour rain and crawling into my very cozy bed I laid there for at least another hour because my body was not used to that much caffeine. So sometime after 3:00 I fell asleep.

Sunday I feel okay... but Monday and Tuesday I am exhausted. I even took a very long nap on Tuesday just to try and survive the day.

At last.... I am back to my old self.

And here to share things with you... like these pieces I recently did for my sister.

These were both done in my painting class. The assignment was a two person narrative.

This is a collage piece. I drew and painted Naomi and Magnolia, then cut them out and pasted them onto this "wallpaper" sheet. The little flowers are collaged on also.

This one is all acrylic. These contour lines and flat colors are different for me, but I like them.

Happy Baby Season!

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