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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Get back into it...

I'm very confused about this "down" time.

Last Fall I couldn't keep up with myself. I was always making, always selling, always prepping for the next show and more. Now... I have so much down time and I don't know what to do. I know what I should do. Make thing, design new things, market, research, sell, dedicate that much more time to my etsy and my blog, spend more of that time on my "fine arts".

I might have artist block. or at least artist exhaustion.

Inspiration Please :) What keeps you inspired?

What are your favorite blogs or etsy shops or websites?

I always enjoy Domesticas facebook posts, and her store is ever better. Check it out!
321 East Walnut in the East Village!


  1. Thanks a ton! for the awesome post - so sweet - we're blushing. Have a break - it's good for you. Look at inspiring Etsy "Quit Your Day Job" posts, work on your Pinterest and just gear up for the new show season ahead - you'll come up with a ton of new ideas, I'm sure.

  2. Hey Mimi... whenever I want to be inspired I just look at your website (truthfully) so I'm not sure what to tell you = /

    I'm inspired or excited by different US Cities... LA, NYC, Vegas, Chicago. It sounds lame, but I love how different cities in America are. Nashville, Detroit, San Fransisco, they're all just SOOO different.