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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Old Crow Farm Antiques

I love finding people out there who have the same idea to turn their interests and hobbies into what they do! Love what you do, do what you love!
Kasey and Jordana did just that, they share an interest for antiques and salvage and they have decided to share these things with the world through their business.

Three times a year they have a sale out on their beautiful land in Earlham Iowa. Last weekend my parents and I were able to go check it out. It was fabulous and inspiring. The market dates were May 15th and 16th. Mark your calendars for the next two: October 9th and 10th and their special "Jolly Junk" market date is December 4th!

They had great prices, an amazing selection, and a very friendly crew. It was a beautiful day and everyone there seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. My parents and I spent the rest of the day driving around the back roads of Iowa stopping at other sales and flea markets and we even made a stop at one of the bridges of madison county. Which my mom loved :)

I advise you to check it out in October!

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  1. Hi Mimi, thanks so much for your sweet words. I am so happy you had a good time. Hopefully we'll see you this fall! Jordana