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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

DIY Funday - From Yucky to Funky

Before: After:

Next time you're at a flea market or garage sale give a second look to things and try to see its potential.

I've been searching for a perfect piece for my studio, one with lots of space for all of my random supplies. I found something, it took me a few minutes to decide if I could see the end result, but I took a chance and am loving the outcome. I also love the fact that it took less than $10.00 and 2 hours to make it what I wanted.
The bottom is metal and the top is wood, they are not connected and the stains and permanent marker were a turn off but I looked past that.

First: I cleaned the inside and out with a spray cleaner and rag, I sanded off the words and some of the stubborn stains and put a layer of white (metal friendly) spray paint over the entire thing.

It already looked so much better!

I choose a yellow color to brighten up the room and to blend with the curtains I have in my studio. I didn't need to buy this much paint, a color sample, that they now offer at Home Depot would have been enough because of the way I applied the paint.

I used a brush and sparingly applied the paint. I used a rag to spread and wipe the paint to cover most of the surface. After that dried I invited a few areas of white to show through by sanding randomly. I did this to both the top and bottom pieces.

Fit perfectly. I can't wait to fill it!

After a couple days I was able to get not only this fabulous new piece organized, but my whole studio up and running.

This is one of the easiest ways to give a new look to your furniture. Later, I will show you other ways to refinish furniture using more paint, more steps, more tricks and believe me, you'll get a lot of compliments.

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