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Sunday, May 2, 2010

DIY Sunday - Chip Can Desk Organizer

Sad to say I usually put my paint brushes and pens into a zip lock bag to haul around. I decided I needed a new way to carry my utensils and a new way to display them on my desk.

So I created this:

What You Will Need:
Empty Pringles Cans (1-9)

Wrapping Paper, Scissors, Tape and Glue

Start by measuring out your choice of funky wrapping paper to fit around the can.
I simply cut and taped mine.

After wrapping your cans you can glue them into a stack of your liking.

I stacked three, but maybe once I buy more pringles I will make a stack of 9; three cans on bottom, three stories high.

Ta Da!

I also put one in my bag so my paint brushes have a safer, better looking home.

A super easy DIY - Mimi

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