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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Artist Feature! Ayumi at Ayumi Horie Pottery

Who is behind that amazing etsy?
Here is where you find out!
Meet Ayumi at Ayumi Horie Pottery.

About Ayumi:
I’m a full-time studio potter living in the Hudson Valley who also travels quite a bit to lecture and teach workshops nationally and internationally. About ten years ago, I bought an old white country church where I put on studio sales and craft shows.

About Ayumi Horie Pottery:
Besides my main focus of making good pots, I’m interested how I can advance Craft and handmade pots in particular to a wider non-craft audience by using smart marketing and popular culture. I have several ongoing projects that include funny postcards that place pots in the real world and off a gradated background, Pots in Action where users send in pictures of my pots being used all over the world, and videos that are more about entertainment than how to throw the perfect bowl. Most recently, my friends Ai Kanazawa Cheung and Kathryn Pombriant Manzella, have collaborated on a fundraiser for relief efforts in Japan, giving 100% of the proceeds to GlobalGiving’s Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund.

The most inspirational thing is watching the Japanese people bear the multiple disasters with dignity, strength, and cooperation. Aesthetically, the Reaktion series of animal books, old Indian match box labels, and the deep pink skies of old Japanese woodcuts.

Can't life without:
A good animal induced laugh, a sharp pin tool for drawing, and a nice scoop of strong green tea ice cream on occasion.

I Love Etsy!
I love the political implications of what Etsy has done to make it easier for a younger generation to have support making things and for an older generation of craftsmen to utilize new technology and find a new audience. I hope these two groups can mix and learn from each other because both have great things going for them.

I’m more interested than ever in the intersection of art and social activism.

Tell me about Handmade For Japan: Two friends and I started a group called Handmade For Japan on the day after the initial earthquake in Japan. Were currently in the process of holding an eBay auction that ends tomorrow night at 8pm EST. Here are a few links and a story that the NYTimes did.

Thanks Ayumi! I love your pottery and what you're doing to help out those in need. Thank you for letting me share!

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