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Sunday, March 6, 2011

End of the week HEALTH update!

So... as you know... I started kicking butt at the gym and its working! As of tomorrow it will be two weeks that I've started working out and I've lost 8 of my 20 lbs.

How? No diets... a lifestyle change.

Run - 3-4 times a week
I'll stretch and walk a quarter mile and then run... my goal is always to run a whole mile without stopping. Sometimes I can't but most of the time I CAN! Eventually I hope to be at 3 miles without stopping. Big goal for someone who is NOT a runner.
There were a couple days this week that I was able to run outside too, nice change of pace but I think its actually harder. Different ground, different air.... It is refreshing so I hope to learn to love it.
*A day or two a week I switch it up and do the elliptical and sprints, just so my body and muscles don't get comfortable.

Walk - 3-4 times a week
I like to walk around the neighborhood. I know Olive loves walks so I can blame her for my desire to get out and move. This is also a great excuse for my friend Renee who is 7 months pregnant to join us.

Video- 5-6 times a week
I told you about Jillian's 30 day shred.... I love it! Its only 20 minutes and it works. There are three levels and I'm happy to say, I dominated level 1 and as of tomorrow I'm moving on to level 2.

Another video (or should I say dvd) that I recommend is Denise Austin's, Pilates for Every Body. I love this video... currently can't find it but if I don't come across it soon I will buy it again. You will see results if you do this one regularly. Its 45 minutes but its peaceful as well as hard.

Yes, Jillian is scary and Denise is a little creepy but they can make you love yourself more :)

Random Reps - Daily
I also will get on the floor during commercials and do ab work, leg lifts, push ups, etc. Anything that I can feel a little burn from and then return to my lame television program. I say every little bit counts.

What am I eating?

Light and Fit Yogurt - Plain or with Granola and Fruit (Depends what's in the fridge)
A Kashi cereal bar with some grapes
Toast with PB and a banana


Tuna fish with pickle chunks and crackers
A PB&J on wheat with fruit
A salad full of veggies!

Afternoon Snack:

A smoothie!!! Made with OJ, yogurt, protein powder and any fruit you want! I usually go for strawberries and bananas. We did buy a frozen bag of mangos, pineapples, apples, strawberries and more which makes it easier.


A lean cuisine - My favorite is the Santa Fe Style Bean and Rice. Its so flavorful and only 290 calories and honestly sometimes I don't finish it off because there is a lot of food in that little box.
Whatever my roommates make. (minus the extra naughty stuff - example: tacos, I leave off the sour cream and cheese) Or, if I cook for them; pasta, chicken and veggies, etc, I can always offer the extra naughty stuff to them but not consume it myself.

Probably not a perfect diet but its a big change from the one I was doing... and for now, its working!
And... I do have the weekly mexican meal which includes a margarita and I can blame my friends who join me for these treats!

Be good to yourself ~ Mimi

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  1. Love this post! So inspiring. Bring Jillian with you when you visit!