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Thursday, April 28, 2011

MimiBird on the move!

Hey friends!

Mimi Bird and myself are making our way down to Arkansas today... Moving there for the summer! Since Mimi Bird now has three owners my parents and myself, I've decided to take my time off of school to spend with them to build the business.
I'm very excited for all the cool things we'll do this summer; sales trips, tearing down barns, creating a number of things including the products you have seen, awesome new products, refurbishing furniture, making books and MORE. I am back once again after another long break to keep you up to date on the journey of this upcoming summer!

Magnolia Grace

A little update on my recent life: As you know I went to Birmingham for my Spring Break to visit my niece, Magnolia, who is the cutest thing ever. A few days after I got home my roommate and best friend went into labor and we welcomed Emma Lynn into this world! She is soooo sweet and also the cutest thing ever. (Yes, there are two winners for the cutest babies in the world award. M&M!) I've been enjoying my time getting to know her, helping her mommy out, seeing lots of family and friends who have been visiting her ~ oh and also finishing up another semester at school.

Emma Lynn

Cheers to the end of a semester and to the beginning of summer! Hope you enjoy it!
xoxo ~ Mimi

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