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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

MimiBird is growing!

I've been doing mimibird for over a year now. Couldn't have even started creating these fabulous items without the help and encouragement from my family and friends. Now that I've seen success in my wonderful jewelry and signs I've decided to take some risks and go farther with my adventure.

Mimibird is now and LLC. and has three owners. My parents, Chuck and Heather have joined me and we are taking mimibird to the next level. We have created a gift line, are taking it to gift shows, meeting with store owners, we even have a catalog :)
(My parents were at the Dallas Gift Market just this last weekend, so exciting!!!)

My parents have taken over production of our handmade vintage collage signs....

and I am solely making the button jewelry.

We are a fabulous team because my Dad has a passion for sales, traveling, tearing down barns, going to auctions, working with his hands and being a business man. My Mom is a visionary. She can see these creations before we make them, she can visualize what the buyer wants, what buyers of all age would be interested in and has a creative and business mindset like no one else I know. Then there is me who has a desire to continue to create, to become successful, and to make sure everyone can enjoy these affordable, quality products as much as I enjoy them.

We are all looking forward to 2011 and what it will bring to us. I'm excited to grow this business and to spend time with my family while doing just that.


  1. How exciting, I know MimiBird will be really successful!! Do your parents still live out of state? Hope to get to Function Inside the Junction and see what you've been working on! -Michelle

  2. That is awesome! You are where I want to be in a year at this business! Great job!

  3. Michelle, if you want to set up a booth at Function in the Junction let me know, I guess a few vendors dropped out :(
    Yes, the parents still live in Arkansas which is tricky, but there are more barns to tear down there :)
    Good luck Tricia, You can do it!!