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Monday, January 17, 2011

Busy Season?

I'm not a writer. I was once told, "My beauty is not in my words." Thus, in my busy season as a crafter and artist I fell short on my blogging. I do enjoy blogging, I enjoy sending out bits and pieces of what the world of mimibird has brought into my life, so I'm back. I promise to be consistent and as entertaining as possible. :)

In a period of 65 days I had 12 shows. So needles to say, things got crazy. Then I decided to take over 3 weeks off to spend with my new niece Magnolia. It was more than worth it. She is a delight in every way possible and I wish I were not 850 miles away so I could watch her grow and give her parents a break and a shoulder rub every once in a while.

The sign I made with love for Magnolias Nursery. Made from 100 year old barn wood and hand cut letters wrapped in vintage fabric.

But... Here I am, back to my reality of being a full time student, the owner of a very fun business and many other things that keep me busy, bring me joy and keep me being the strong, creative lady I am.

So welcome back. Thanks for being there.

- Mimi

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