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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Who is behind that funky etsy? Angela lives in L.A. and runs an amazing etsy shop full of some of the coolest plates, sculptures and more. She opened in December of 2009 and 8 months later she has had almost 600 sales! Go Girl! I believe its because she is true to herself. She creates what she wants, what she thinks will work, what she thinks is cool and.... we all love it!

Meet Angela from BeatUpCreations
I never thought that I would be an artist or craftsman but I recently lost my job and needed to do something. I found Etsy and began making and selling stuff several months ago never really thinking that I would actually sell something or make money!
My dad and my brother are professional artists and I just never thought my ideas were good enough to pursue so I never took my ideas seriously. I have no formal education or training in art so everything is pretty raw and probably pretty naive artistically but its all I know.

I just try to create things that I love. Im totally inspired by pop culture, animals, juxtapose, antiques, taxidermy...
I love Etsy for providing such an awesome playground for my items to get noticed! I am still surprised every time something sells.

Check out her fabulously funky etsy!

Thanks Angela!

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