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Friday, August 20, 2010

Artist Feature! Cassie at UrbanEcology

Who is behind that fabulous etsy??? Here is where you find out! Meet Cassie of UrbanEcology!!

Meet Cassie: I am Cassie Landhauser Fine Arts Degree from ISU minored in textiles Aspiring art teacher :) Loves - orange juice with pulp, being barefoot, feather pillows, my boston terrier puppies, and vintage fabrics Dislikes - anything that takes away from me making shtuff!

Her artistic roots: I became artist because I didn't want to choose a major at Iowa State University. I loved making stuff and the people at in the Design college were cool.... so I thought, what the heck! Fortunately, my whim turned into a great passion. I absolutely love painting, bookmaking, mixed media, and drawing. Textiles were a natural next step for me. I have always been attracted to the aesthetic quality of fabric. started sewing when I was very little, but never really became interested until college and beyond. After college I moved into a townhome with husband and realized I could not find the decor I wanted in stores. Sooo... I decided to make my own! It is my hope that I can help others create their own unique space in their home.

Inspired by....
I love seeing other people's spaces! I love to scour to see what people in other cities are doing. I also love to browse etsy for color and pattern inspiration. Most of my art is inspired by different cultures, history, and people watching. And of course, my totally awesome vintage blue sewing machine :)

Why etsy? I just started, but I love how everything imaginable is available on Etsy! Plus, everyone I have worked with is very supportive. :) I love to be challenged, so I encourage custom projects. If I don't have what you want, I will do my best to find it.

Check her out at and then get comfy with one of her pillows!

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