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Sunday, July 18, 2010

One Of My Items Made Front Page!

My item was listed on the front page of

Vintage Found Object Collage - Fly Away

This collage sign is one of a kind made from only vintage objects, hand printed letters, vintage sheet music, vintage photo, button, and necklace. The wood used was from a barn in Adair County, OK that was built in the early 1900's.

Let me tell you about my Collages!

The special thing about my found object collages is the story behind them. Each sign is handmade starting with a piece of oak from a barn that my own father tore down. All of the pieces that I currently have up came from a barn that was built before statehood in the 1900's in Adair County Oklahoma. The next step is finding old sheet music, newspapers and other special papers to lay down as a background. The words and sayings are hand printed using a vintage letter press set and written out on, you guessed it, vintage paper. After all the 2-D work is done I dig through all my old odds and ends; buttons, trinkets, stamps, photos, marbles, toys, jewelry, etc to find the perfect piece of a memory to make the sign complete. All of the papers and objects that I have come from auctions, estate sales, garage sales, and even from people I personally know and love. These pieces have a heart connection that is worth sharing, I hope you enjoy decorating with one or giving one as a gift as much as I enjoy making them. If you ever would like one to be even more personal to you with a special saying or special objects used don't hesitate to contact me on my etsy page, through this blog, or email me at

Thanks for letting me share the joy! Mimi

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