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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Artist Feature!!! Lisa at Modifyd

Who is behind that adorable etsy? Here is where you find out! Meet Lisa of Modifyd.

Get to know Lisa: My friend, Candice, and I started talking about starting a business together
ages ago. She used to work in the fast paced NY garment industry and was always disappointed with all the waste.

I'm a mixed media artist and I've always had a love of fashion [started my own t-shirt business once]. I also moonlight as a graphic designer and a professor. You can see what I do artwise on my website:

Neither of us sit still very well - so we're always doing something. We make a good pair!

What makes Lisa tick: We've both become more and more aware of what we have around us, where it came from, how much trash and waste we are contributing to the world. We both decided if we were going to start a business we wanted it to be as "green" as we could.

So last year we started collecting samples and leftovers from Candice's friends in the business and we began the process of up and re/cycling things. We've made hats, gloves, dog beds, pillows, endangered species stuffies - whatever we can think of.

We are also committed to giving back - so 10% of our proceeds goes back to
an environmentally involved charity. Right now we're giving to the NRDC.

Lisa's inspiration: For us the garment we are working with itself is inspirational. Some have
amazing buttons, a great cable, some kind of knit detail, or a cool closure that we want to include.

The colors are also incredibly inspiring.

Since we are working with materials that have had another life and have their own original use, it's really fun to try and alter that in someway.

Why she loves etsy! We are TOTALLY and completely new to etsy. We decided to try and use etsy instead of a shopping cart on our own website. I have to say the best thing is the community. People have been so welcoming to us - and so friendly. I had no idea it would be like this.

I also like the ability to search for things with a few keywords. It's always a surprise what comes up.

Dreams: We're totally taking it as it comes. We're hoping to officially launch and announce our business really soon and we're really hopeful that people like what we are doing!

We'll be adding more stuff to etsy soon - and we'd love to hear what people think!

Thanks Lisa! You rock!

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