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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dogwood Festival!

The Siloam Springs Dogwood Festival has always had a special place in my heart. Growing up a "craft show kid" I always loved doing a show in my hometown. There were certain things we would do every year; buy a couple bags of kettle corn, homemade root beer, funnel cakes. Okay, so most of the memories had to do with food, but once I got older I started buying leather bracelets with names "hammered" into them which is still a tradition I look forward to.

This year was a little strange. Spars, slow and a little more "hick" than I remember but it was a beautiful day and I enjoyed spending time outside with my Mom.

We had the leather man make us our annual bracelets. One for my Mom who wants to be called "Gigi" now that she is a Grandma, one for me, "Auntie Em" :), one for my sister who just became a "Mommy" and one for her baby "Nolie" who wont be able to actually wear it for a while now, but its still a sweet memory.

Its still open today Siloam so head on down, the leather man is worth it ;)

xoxo, Mimi

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