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Saturday, June 26, 2010

I love JUNK!

Funky JUNK!

My dad loves auctions, so of course when my parents came to visit me, my dad decided to spend his Saturday morning at a near by auction.

His front seat, back seat and truck were full full full!!! He wishes he had brought his trailer...

The fun part is when he gets to show my mom, who gets sooo excited about each treasure.

.... and of course, I had to keep some things for myself. Both suitcases are in great condition, I am hoping the cart encourages me to walk more and a small wooden box with tiny jars with blue lids made me and my obsession with organization so excited!

Had to share the joy. Mimi

1 comment:

  1.! i love the mint green cake carrier, the yellow chair, the bird cage and the Skotch Kooler [i have my own and actually had it at MD today loaded with water :D]
    it was great to meet you're jewlery and accessories are super cute! see you at MD in august?